This virtual performance opportunity is for you if you love to sing, if you know the melody to Silent Night, and if you know at least one of the following languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Mandarin, or Spanish.

On this webpage, you will find sheet music and guide tracks (conducting video with MIDI) in the “I’m ready to record!” section. Also there, you will find directions as to how to get set up for recording. Once you feel prepared with your music and have read through the directions on recording, continue on to the “I’m ready to submit!” section. There, you’ll fill out a short form and upload your video recording. If you have any questions as you are going through this process, please feel free to reach out to us here!

Please dress in a way that celebrates your own cultural, philosophical, and/or spiritual heritage whilst also adhering to our color scheme: black, white, grey, silver, purple. For those that would like to keep things simple, all black is also an option.

Please submit your recordings by the end of Sunday, November 29th!

I’m ready to record!

In the window below, you’ll find general recording directions, the singer score, as well as two guide track options. One has the melody line visible on the screen, along with a vocal line guide. The other has only the instrumental accompaniment, without the vocal line guide. Please use whichever is most helpful for you (and sing in an octave comfortable for you)!

All singers are welcome to try all languages beyond their primary one! For any verses you choose not to sing the language, though, sing the “loo” line seen underneath the text!

Want help with a new language? Follow this link to find spoken and sung recordings of experts on the language.

Please download the documents found below. Downloading reduces lag and loading time on the internet!

As you are completing your recording, double check your setup! Videos that are submitted without following setup directions may not be able to be used.

1. Use earbuds to follow guide track
2. Record in vertical/portrait orientation
3. Center yourself in the frame
4. Face the camera so we can see your face – treat the camera like you would an audience!

I’m ready to submit!

Upload Files through