“ilomilo” by Billie Eilish, arranged by Dan E.T., featuring Phoenix Ringing
“Compassion” by Jason Krug
“Africa” by Toto, arranged by Charles Zoll

Phoenix Ringing is dedicated to reinvigorating the handbell community in the Phoenix area. Phoenix Ringing features many of the best musicians from throughout the area and is dedicated to presenting high-quality performances of diverse repertoire. We have a special passion for collaborating with local artists on both new compositions and reimagined versions of well-loved classics. We are passionate about spreading the unique art of handbell music with students, colleagues, and audience members alike who have not previously had the opportunity.

In July 2019, Phoenix Ringing traveled to Chengdu, China to represent Phoenix at the 2019 International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival. Phoenix Ringing is currently a featured artist in residence at Mesa Community College’s Performing Arts Center, and performs regularly throughout the area for various corporate and community events.


Phoenix Ringing is dedicated to presenting high quality performances by some of the Phoenix area’s best musicians in creative ways, both locally and abroad.


Phoenix Ringing is dedicated to collaborating with living composers and arrangers, as well as other artists. We are especially dedicated to promoting local Arizonans.


Phoenix Ringing is dedicated to sharing the unique art of handbells with others, from student beginners to other professional musicians looking to branch out.